Video Premiere: Escuela Grind – “Inspirational Significance/Hyper-Victim/Private Vice, Public Benefit”

Featuring members of Kill the Client, Creator|Destroyer, Hearse, and Your Brain on Drugs, Escuela Grind are a four-piece grindcore hitsquad based in New England. Escuela Grind employ several different styles of attack in their grind assault, from hardcore to noise to death and powerviolence. Amidst the barrage of blast beats and punching riffs, vocalist Katerina Economou sounds genuinely frightening and unhinged. 

Now imagine flipping through the channels, back in the day when you did such a thing, and stumbling upon the following video.


“We spent an afternoon shooting with our friend Seby X Martinez, who we met while working on some great projects with TROMA,” says Ecnonomou. “The idea for the video originally came from watching a video of QVC Bloopers and it snowballed from there into this absurdist, Millennial, infomercial fever dream. The video loosely fits into the theme of our full-length, Indoctrination, but definitely more of a tongue-in-cheek approach visually.”


Get Indoctrination March 20th from Armageddon Label.