Blast Worship: Hutt

Where they from?
Sao Paulo, Brazil. When I think of the country Brazil the first thing I think of is back in 2014 when they hosted the Fifa World Cup and in the semifinals the Brazilian national team got beat by the German team 7-1 and then the next day the national newspaper in Brazil just giant black rectangle on it’s front page. That’s what I think of when I think of Brazil, just a giant black rectangle on their version of the New York Post.

What do they sound like?
Thrashy grind with a capital “T.”

Why the hype?
Back in the days of 2009, I came across a three-way split with between Noisear, Gate and Hutt. I was already familiar with the two former bands but it was Hutt’s contribution that really blew me away. I have always felt that playing grindcore takes a certain amount of “nimbleness” and Hutt’s music had just that frenetic agility that I feel so many bands lack. This is due in large part to the band’s unabashed thrash influence because, contrary to popular belief, grindcore music isn’t so much as sloppily played death metal but rather sped-up thrash, relying more on the latter genre’s velocity to eviscerate listener’s rather than death metal’s often lumbering muddle. Seriously, some of those cuts are forever burned into my brain, “Evolui A Obito, “Feto No Frasco” and of course “Aqui Alah E A Cocaina.” Ahh, to be 19 and addicted to Adderall again.

Also, is this band named after Jabba the Hutt? Because, honestly, that would be cool as shit. I can’t imagine otherwise, unless “Hutt” means something in Portuguese that I’m unaware of. Perhaps a large black rectangle?

Latest Release?
Maldicto, which came out last November but somehow slipped my grind radar until this past week. Maldicto continues the band’s thrash heavy approach that a younger me salivated over during the band’s formative years, albeit with improved production. But the Hutt magic ( i.e. the hurried pulse and frantic pace of everything) is still abound. Songs like “Brilho Baixo” and the aptly titled “Yabba Dabba Doom” are sure to whip up circle pits in a hurry. Seriously though, this band should be WAY bigger and only YOU dear reader can make that happen.