Video Premiere: Total Annihilation – ‘Reborn In Flesh’

Total Annihilation picked an aptly-titled track for their visual return. “Reborn In Flesh” comes from the Swiss band’s first album in eight years, …On Chains of Doom.

They played shows in the interim, even releasing a live album in 2018, and the video focuses on that. Live footage, backstage hangs and a time-lapse of loading gear take center stage.

The song is just as fun as tour time can be. Thrash is always a good time, but the deathly influences here turn a smile to a mischievous grin. The vocals recall Martin van Drunen’s clear yet crushing grimace. However, the music is more in-line with thrashy death than Asphyx’s death-doom din — kind of like a theme song they did for a certain metal mag.

Obviously the band are comfortable wearing their influences on their sleeves; Sodom, Exodus, Destruction, Testament and Demolition Hammer are just a few proudly listedin their bio. However, it’s no doubt because they know they’re good at what they do. There’s a level of confidence laced in the statement they released alongside the video.

“It didn’t take long to decide which song from …On Chains of Doom will be presented as a video because ‘Reborn In Flesh’ delivers all the trademarks you can expect from Total Annihilation. It has a furious speed, interrupted by a head-banging chorus, finally ending in a crushing but melodic mosh part, only to fall back into speed again; this all presents simply everything you get from a Total Annihilation record and especially our live shows.”

You can watch the video, made by one-man, one-moniker maestro Daroc, in the player below.

The new album can be pre-ordered on vinyl and CD via Czar of Crickets.