Video Premiere: Wardaemonic – ‘Introspection’

Australia might not be the first locale that springs to mind at the mention of black metal but Wardaemonic are both a black metal band and from Australia, so there’s a first time for everything. Formed in 2005, the black metal quartet are releasing their forth album, Acts of Repentance, in March.

To get a taste for Wardaemonic’s sound, check out the official video for “Introspection,” which assails the user with blasts and bursts of guitar. Sometimes they slow things down to make room for a dissonant part but never for too long; Wardaemonic don’t let up for the entirety of the seven-minute track.

Listen to and watch “Introspective” below; Acts of Repentance is out on March 20 via Transcending Obscurity.