Hard Charger Premieres Their New Video. We Show Their Older Ones and Throw in a Contest.

Their name might be an oh-so obvious hint, but we feel compelled to inform you that Fredericton, New Brunswick’s Hard Charger likes to live fast, play faster and party hard. This ethos is matched sonically with a rip roarin’ approach to the greasy metal/punky Motorhead standard which they themselves describe as “shoewrecking, gas pedal mashing, fuck you finger-waving, right reckless and nihilistic rock ‘n’ roll.” The band’s penchant for speed and destruction is not only evident in their sound, but also in the visual accompaniment put on offer in support of latest album, Vol 4: Take the Guff and Suffer.

Today, we present the trio’s newest and third video/single from said album, “Thrown out to the Dogs” which also comes in advance of a forthcoming and third (!) Mexican tour set for next month (see dates below). We asked bassist/vocalist Shawn Smith to comment on the new video and here’s what he had to say:

“Crust’ n’ Roll warriors, Hard Charger have spent 2019 ripping through Canada and the United States in support of their latest album Vol. 4: Take The Guff and Suffer. ‘Thrown out to the Dogs’ places the band in the midst of a post-apocalyptic struggle over the most valuable resources in the world – beer and weed. Our old broken down tour van was rotting in our garage and we had to get rid of it – so we sacrificed it for a music video. A lot of talented people came together to help us create this video, and to demolish our van. We can’t thank them all enough.”

Vol. 4: Take The Guff and Suffer is out now via PRC music, D7i Records in North America, and Emergency Records in Europe.


CANADIAN warm-up dates

January 3- Fredericton NB

January 4- Moncton NB


January 9 – QUERÉTARO.

January 10 – SAN LUIS POTOSÍ.

January 11 – IRAPUATO

January 16 – GUADALAJARA

January 17 – TOLUCA

January 18 – PUEBLA

January 19 – MEXICO CITY

Additionally, we decided to thrown in the other two videos for the songs taken from Vol 4: Take the Guff and Suffer. The first viewers to pick out the uniquely Canadian scene in “Shit City Nowhere Blues” will get ten ‘Honorary Canadian Citizen’ points hand delivered to them by yours truly. Viewers who can pick out the even-more-awesome slice of Canadiana in “Speed Beast” gets 1000 points, a.k.a. I’ll buy you a frosty Canadian-brewed adult beverage next time we meet.

Submit your answers/guesses below.

*Note: contest not open to Canadian residents.

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