Track Premiere: Wake’s “This Abyssal Plain”

Wake has racked up the plaudits from Decibel and elsewhere the past two years. Their album Misery Rites received a 9/10 and was one of the top 40 albums of 2018. They toured widely. And their upcoming album Devouring Ruin, available from Translation Loss on March 27, is one of the most anticipated records of 2020. Not too shabby. 

Before the holidays sap your energy and attention, Decibel is pleased to debut the first track from Devouring Ruin. We promise it’s a monster listen, a detour that still delivers on Wake’s trademark nastiness.

Devouring Ruin is a continuance of the darkness, ferocity and speed of Misery Rites. As with all of our albums, we are ever evolving,” guitarist Rob LaChance says. “No man steps in the same river twice. Musically and lyrically there is a strong melancholic mood on this one that our previous albums did not have. ‘This Abyssal Plain’ was one of the first songs we wrote for Devouring Ruin and one of my favorites from the album.”

“We focused on creating atmosphere in various tempos and time signatures-the first blast riff is meandering triplets, the off time sludgy riff is a couple notes and the end is one of the prettiest riffs the band has ever written,” drummer Josh Bueckert says. “All of the parts are very different but attempt to create a suffocating vibe.”

Get a listen of the new Wake here: