Track Premiere: Porta Nigra – ‘Das Rad des Ixion’

German black metal troupe Porta Nigra celebrate their tenth year as a band in 2020, but their creativity hasn’t waned in that time. The duo—guitarist Gilles de Rais and drummer/vocalist O.—recruited third member and new vocalist Tongue (Chaos Invocation) for third album Schöpfungswut, a record that sees the avant-garde group return to their more-traditional roots in Norwegian, Swedish and German black metal.

Second track “Das Rad des Ixion,” which you can stream below, is an exhilarating, melodic slice of black metal that showcases Porta Nigra’s off-kilter style of songwriting without veering into the realm of inaccessibility. Listen to the new song below; Schöpfungswut is out January 17 on Soulseller Records.