Video Premiere: Micawber – ‘The Starless Sky’

Photo: Dylon Schroeder

Micawber went Beyond the Reach of Flame with their Prosthetic Records debut last year (followed by single “Welcome Home” earlier this year) and they’re returning with a new music video for “The Starless Sky,” the third song from the album. A performance video, it showcases exactly what Micawber do best: play no-frills, modern death metal.

“We are stoked to release our latest music video for ‘The Starless Sky’ off our most-current record, Beyond The Reach of Flame, out on Prosthetic Records!” Micawber guitarist and vocalist Leighton Thompson says. “The video was shot at our show in Baltimore earlier this year and put together by our friend Dylan Stern-Courney with DSC Productions.

“We are excited to get this out just in time for our appearance at Forever Deaf Fest in Chicago this Friday and we hope it gets people jacked up to party for this killer festival!”