Gatecreeper and Idle Hands Added to the Decibel Magazine Tour!

Arizona desert death dealers Gatecreeper and goth-infused metal upstarts Idle Hands will join Norwegian black metal icon Abbath and headliners Norwegian black metal godfathers Mayhem as part of the ninth annual Decibel Magazine Tour starting in March 2020!

“We are excited to be part of the upcoming Decibel Tour,” says Gatecreeper frontman Chase Mason. “We look forward to the challenge of winning over a large black metal crowd every night.”

“Touring with black metal legends Mayhem and Abbath is nothing short of an honor, and to do it alongside our newfound friends in Gatecreeper is even better,” offers Idle Hands vocalist Gabriel Franco. “See you very soon, North America.”

Presented by Century Media Records, and sponsored by Relapse Records, Holy Mountain Printing and Season of Mist, the Decibel Magazine Tour is once again poised to be grimmest and most frostbitten heavy metal tour of the entire winter.

Tickets for the 2020 Decibel Magazine Tour are ON SALE NOW! All dates and venues are below:

Hails to our partners!