Video Premiere: The Flaying Loves Quebec and Quebec Loves The Flaying

Quebec City’s melodic death metal upstarts, The Flaying aren’t really upstarts having been around since 2010, but 2019 has brought a massive upswing for the band, one most folks outside of Quebec haven’t heard of until recently, yours truly included.

Back in March, the quartet released their second full-length, Angry, Undead. The Christian (Cryptopsy) Donaldson-produced record was initially an independent release before being quickly picked up by PRC Music. Recently, the band found themselves nominated in the Artist of the Year and Metal Album of the Year categories at Quebec’s GAMIQ Awards (Gala alternatif de la musique indépendante du Québec). The band was victorious in the latter and had this to say about that:

“We are really proud and humbled to win the GAMIQ Award for the 2019 Metal Album of the Year! It means a lot to us to get this recognition from our peers in the music industry. We would like to thank our precious team for the hard work that has been put in on this record: Christian Donaldson and the Grid Studio, Raphaël Malenfant and Broil Audio, Nick Tremblay and Rémi at PRC Music for the support. Our families, girlfriends and all the bands we toured with. Last, but not least, thanks to our fans for buying the album, being at the shows and supporting the scene. See you on tour!”

Today, we present the premiere of the video for “Place du Parvis,” a visual chronicling of the love the band have for the downtown core of their hometown. Watch as they stroll the main streets and alleys (while headbanging and singing) in the area of the intersection of Rue Dorchester and Rue Saint-Joseph. You’ll see the Imperial in the background, some fantastic architecture and Jacques Cartier Square amongst the construction cones, elaborate graffiti and quick cuts. The area attractions you won’t see, but should know about, are the super-small and super-awesome L’Anti Bar and Spectacles venue and Pizza Welat, probably my favourite pizza joint in all of North America.

Here’s the band’s comment on the video:

“‘Place du Parvis’ is an important hub in Quebec city, the hometown of the band. This very lively place sees all social classes living side by side, for better or for worse. So by making a video about this place, we had to avoid making it with a static approach.

“We adopted a street approach to enlarge our vision of the traditional vocal play through and to respect what the song is all about. We went rogue and roamed the streets to do so, where it all began years ago. We had some studio shots of [vocalist] Will [Murray] singing his parts and did all the backing vocals as a team, street choir approach. It truly gives a unique perspective for a death metal video.

“Special thanks and shout out to Jannick Côté from Headcase Prods for filming and editing, Carl Méthot from HsProds for filming. Thanks to all of you coming to the shows and supporting your bands. Support your scene!”


Sherbrooke can support its scene when The Flaying appear here:

January 25 – Sherbrooke, QC @ Le Murdoch – Sherbrooke Death Fest w/ Beneath The Massacre, Nervous Impulse, Holy Cost


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