Full Album Stream: In Obscurity Revealed – ‘Glorious Impurity’

Based in Mexico City, the death metal force known as In Obscurity Revealed tore through the underground in 2015 with their demo, Spell of the Seeker. Thanks to numerous reissues through several labels that demo of viciously executed thrashing occult carnage was able to reach listeners all over the world. Accordingly, the next year, Swedish powerhouse Blood Harvest released In Obscurity Revealed’s follow-up 7”. Now, tighter and deadlier-sounding than ever, the Mexican demons unleash their debut full length, Glorious Impurity

Nine tracks in length, and completely annihilatory for thirty-seven minutes straight, Glorious Impurity is a work of intense occult angularity and demonic technicality that’s deeply, even sinfully pleasing to listen to as well. Seriously, don’t sleep on this total ripper. Glorious Impurity is a mandatory listen that will wreck both your neck and your AOTY list.

“Death metal still can be abhorrent, sinister, pure madness,” warns In Obscurity Revealed bassist/vocalist F.M. “Overdrive guitars leading to a noxious sound without futile high gain. Curtains of pestilent miasma. Tumult of mingled emotions subsided in a flood of lacerations. Blasting the needs of the underground scene. Glorious Impurity will mutilate your useless soul, leaving you with an unparalleled loathing.”

Glorious Impurity