Trappist to Release “Growler in the Yard” Picture Flexi Disc Via the Decibel Flexi Series!

Decibel loves a good metal and beer pun. Usually, they are the product of our Metal & Beer Fests (Blinded by Beer, Morbid Ales, The Grains that Bind Us, ect.), but when Trappist frontman Chris Dodge and I were brainstorming names for his Decibel craft beer column No Corporate Beer (celebrating its one-year anniversary this month), we tagged in Decibel art director Mike Wohlberg who dropped “Growler in the Yard” on both of us. Though it wasn’t perfect for the column, it was still brilliant enough that it needed to become a Trappist tune.

It’s a year later and not only does “Growler in the Yard” now exist as part of the Decibel Flexi Series, but it comes complete with a Wohlberg-illustrated cover homage to Pig Destroyer’s grind classic Prowler in the Yard on a beer-colored flexi picture disc. We assure you, that’s not “Growler”‘s only Prowler reference either. If you wanna hear it for yourself, you’ll need an active deluxe Decibel subscription by Monday, December 2 at 12pm EST.