Track Premiere: Mosaic – “The Devil’s Place”

After years of releasing splits and EPS, the sovereign German black metal sorcerer known as Mosaic will finally release their debut full length. Recorded between the years 2013 and 2019, featuring numerous guest musicians, Secret Ambrosian Fires promises to be an album of both staggering ambition and bewildering execution.

Today it’s our pleasure to bring to our readers this exclusive preview of the forthcoming Mosaic debut. Called “The Devil’s Place,” this track, at ten minutes seventeen seconds, is practically a full album in and of itself; if not for its length, then certainly for the places it goes, and the multifaceted vibes it harbors. 

Of “The Devil’s Place,” Martin van Valkenstijn, the musician behind Mosaic, says: “This song is about the ‘mountain of howling souls’ (Hörselberg) in our region and represents the grande finale of the album . . . While the song itself is rather aggressive,” van Valkenstijn continues, “the lyrics deal with the overall theme of ‘Love.’ That’s a very nice contradiction, because it refers to the everlasting duality ‘Darkness & Light’ – ‘Life and Death’ – and if people go deeper and deeper into Secret Ambrosian Fire they will find this in every song . . . Another special detail of this song is that it features the whole MOSAIC live line-up in a way or another.”

“The Devil’s Place”


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