Full Album Stream: BEDTIMEMAGIC – “Pillow Talk”

Photo by Noise Floor Photography

BEDTIMEMAGIC really doubled down on the misnomers with debut studio LP Pillow Talk. Perhaps the only hint that their music doesn’t have much in common with love-making is the fact that their moniker is in all caps. It’s hard to imagine someone getting down and dirty to the anxiety-provoking noise rock on the ten-song album.

It’s been well-established that duos can make a lot of noise. Hell, label Nefarious Industries is a bit of a hotbed for them. Cinema Cinema, A Fucking Elephant, Dying Whale, Fuck Your Birthday and Bangladeafy all share a home with BEDTIMEMAGIC. However, only the latter shares the drum and bass set-up, though, which is appropriately noisy. Making things apter is the fact that the noise is, well, noise rock. To continue with the duo bit, BEDTIMEMAGIC shout and strum akin to the best of Amp Rep and Sub Pop.

Given the disconnect between their name and sound, perhaps their completely out-there statement isn’t that surprising.

“I’m of the opinion that ghosts would be naked. Clothes don’t have a spirit, right? You don’t see textiles alone haunting people, only on the bodies of ghosts. That’s BS, unless there are clothing stores or, like, clothing bins in the afterlife… And then why is everything so tattered?”

Regardless of your opinions on the wardrobes of spirits, stream the album below. It officially drops tomorrow and can be picked up on clear vinyl here.