Track Premiere: Tan Kozh “A la Gloire d’Indra”

Tan Kozh

Tan Kozh, featuring members of Himinbjorg, Belenos, Way to End, and Les Chants De Nihil, are preparing for the release of their debut, Lignages Oubliés, for the newly christened Antiq label. Originally recorded by main brain Sven Vinat but was re-recorded in 2018 after drummer Decay joined, so that Lignages Oubliés would feature real instruments by the current lineup. Musically, Tan Kozh purveys pagan black metal, a sort of crossroads of Vinat’s long-standing Himinbjorg and Belenos outfits. The goal is to invoke ancient feelings and religious symbolism tied to near-forgotten gods and goddesses, as inspired by Indo-European myths.

“The members of Tan Kozh are very proud to finally release their first album after months of intense effort. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sven Vinat in his studio, Lignages Oubliés (translated as Forgotten Lineages) delivers 45 minutes of pagan black metal that oscillates between flights of mysticism and apocalyptic visions. The song ‘A la Gloire d’Indra’ (‘To the Glory of Indra’), a tribute to the warrior king of the Vedic gods, is, like the rest of the album, an ode to vital strength, to the beauty and wild violence of all its various manifestations.”

Tan Kozh may be just out of the gate, but with Lignages Oubliés they’re setting up to be one of France’s most exciting acts. Definitely for fans of Drudkh, Kampfar, Skyforger, Negură Bunget, and of course Himinbjorg and Belenos. Raise chalices to ancient deities of ages long ago and burn torches in the night to Tan Kozh! Indeed, may the powers of the Proto-Indo-European Sky Fathers be with you in your aural pursuit of victories, untold riches, and hedonistic pleasures with Tan Kozh. Here’s the world premiere of “A la Gloire d’Indra.”

** Tan Kozh’s new album, Lignages Oubliés, is out November 19th, 2019 on Antiq Records. Pre-orders are live now for this essential black metal effort. Order CDs and t-shirts HERE before Indra releases the cows, thunder, and river flows.