Track Premiere: Reveal! – ‘Harder Harder’

After their black thrash debut album stabbed out like a sudden dagger from the darkness of 2011, the Uppsala-based quartet Reveal! moved toward the outer fringes of extreme metal and beyond with their 2016 sophomore follow up album, Flystrips. Sometime between then and now, the Swedish risk takers went into Cobra Studios in Stockholm with Martin “Konie” Ehrencrona, and came out with Scissorgod.

If today’s premiere is any indication, Scissorgod captures Reveal! at their most ambitious, but most focused and best produced. 


“Sharp-eyed / one-tooth’d mouth-holes in stunned surprise turning to dumb smiles, real crooked,” write the band, mysteriously. “Anyway my baba told me when I was just a kid: Urd, Skuld & Verdandi, one creates your life-string , one tangles it, and the last one is ready with the scissors: ‘Snip Snip.’ If you get it there should be something in your left field of vision, just yonder . . . Scissorgod, right?”

“Harder Harder”


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