Track Premiere: PH “Origo”


PH, formerly Mr. Peter Hayden, are ready for the journey to the outer rim. With all genres of music at their respective disposal, the groundbreaking, genre-including Finns have set Osiris Hayden as the title for their fifth long-player, which will serve as the soundtrack to their interplanetary venture. While some have labeled PH has the next (and future) generation of kosmische musik, they’re not so easily pigeonholed. PH take in, twist about, fold over, and plot anew jazz, rock, metal, ambient, and others as a way to map out their next steps, whether its by song, such as “Origo,” or by album, Osiris Hayden.

Says PH bassist/vocalist Lauri Kivelä: “Each album of ours has always been a step forward, and that is the only way we can do this. We are keen on going forward, a bit further than anybody else, and we do not need to stick to any genre on scene just to feel safe – quite the opposite. We are, and have always been, all about on moving on, forging our own paths.”

Indeed, PH have formed their own path (to the stars!) through invention and a border-less mindset on Osiris Hayden. They’ve crafted a sound that’s new yet familiar. These are “songs” that one can jump into, swim around in, and feel fuzzy about. The song Decibel is honored to premiere, “Origo,” isn’t so much about the terror of space but rather the possibilities of it, the feeling that the human condition will evolve out of PH’s swath of hair-raising and mind-boggling resonance. Turns out, that’s because PH held true to the sonic mandate.

“During the process of crafting this album we went through a lot and ended up reinventing ourselves as a band as much as giving birth to a new album. Though it has always been essential for us to keep evolving, was it instrumentation or approach on songs, this time we were encouraged and guided a lot further. In some strange way the funeral and rebirth themes became reality for us and afterwards the whole album seems, on one level, to be telling the story of its making. Second single ‘Origo’ is a powerful and versatile manifestation of the themes on this album. Right in the beginning of Side B as we dive deeper into the darkness just to be able to burn brighter and return as pure as possible.”

** PH’s new album, Osiris Hayden, is out November 1st on Svart Records. Pre-orders for this spaced out gravity bomb are HERE for CD and LP!