Track Premiere: Coilguns – ‘Big Writer’s Block’

Photo: Laure Gilardhucci

Those looking to get their noise rock fix would do well to look no further than Coilguns, who are ready to let album number three, Watchwinders, loose any day. A brooding cross between noise (rock), punk and hardcore, Watchwinders was written entirely in studio and the result is an organic, groove-heavy album.

Listen to track three, “Big Writer’s Block,” to get a feel for what the quartet are putting down. “Big Writer’s Block” gets right into the meat of the song, the full band launching into a sharp, lo-fi rager with a heavy emphasis on groove. Turns out it’s not just the music that’s heavy—guitarist Jona Nido explains the song’s meaning.

“This brutal song is a living proof that only high pressure can build diamonds. When you’re facing a deep lack of inspiration, when conditions force you to produce things faster than your inspiration would normally dictate them to you, when you’re getting close to the point of losing control, you’ve find the proper engine to drive true artistic violence. For countless reasons, writing, arranging, recording and mixing this track was a total nightmare. It grew therefore as our favorite track.”

Listen to “Big Writer’s Block” below; Watchwinders is out on October 25 via Hummus Records.