Track Premiere: Orthodoxy – ‘Voluptuous Death’

We wouldn’t describe Valencia-based death metallers Orthodoxy’s sound as Rubenesque per se, but they’re definitely heavy. Orthodoxy, a solo project of multi-instrumentalist NTN (Domains, Profundis Tenebrarum), began in 2015 with the release of their demo tape, Shaarimoth. Given the band’s shadowy maneuvering, we can only speculate, but it would seem that NTN then spent the next four years working on Orthodoxy’s debut long-player while simultaneously recruiting band members capable of wielding what he was fashioning from the darkness.

“Novus Lux Dominus [was] conceived to push the boundaries of dark and sinister death metal to new levels,” writes NTN, who goes on to describe Orthodoxy’s debut as “[an] obscure evocative trance, a haunting and crushing journey into the utter Ageless Darkness, feeding the Black Flame, through the Ancient Metal of Death.”

To stoke those black flames, we’re excited to host this exclusive premiere of track #6 on Orthodoxy’s debut full length. A mid-paced and patiently stalking predator of a death metal song, this is . . .

“Voluptuous Death”


Novus Lux Dominus comes out Halloween on The Sinister Flame.