Blast Worship: Straight Hate

Where they from?
Chelm, part of Lublin province in eastern Poland. Not to get super serious on you right away, but earlier this month marked the 80th anniversary of the German invasion of Poland that started WWII. I found it interesting when I was in Europe earlier this month how much that war is still a major part of the public consciousness and how much of society over there is still healing from all of its wounds. It would be interesting to see us Americans start to reflect more on the armed conflicts we’ve been involved in, with the hopes of perhaps not being too trigger-happy to jump into the next one. Just food for thought.

What do they sound like?
Um, they sound like, STRAIGHT FUCKING HATE, BRO!

Why the hype?
Before I started writing for Decibel I was writing for my friend’s blog and somehow or another I was sent this band’s debut full-length from 2016, Every Scum Is a Straight Arrow, which turned out to be one of my favorite records of that rather prodigious year for grindcore. The album had enough creative songwriting departures to make it stand out from the pretty consistent stream of mediocre-to-good traditionalist grind bands that come out of eastern Europe and play with HM-2 pedals. I have a particular soft spot for the song “Impatient Diarrhea” which not only begins with one of the most intense opening blast beats I’ve heard come from a modern European grindcore band, but has the added bonus of having lyrics that are literally about having diarrhea at an inconvenient time. I mean, what more can you ask for?

Latest Release?
Their follow-up full-length, Black Sheep Parade. Straight Hate has actually gone out of their way to incorporate a more crust/D-beat influence on this album, which is something a lot of the more metallic Eurogrind bands sort of shy away from. This album is full of raging punk parts like the opening of “Meaningless Trash” or the melodic second half of “Lost In Greed,” which gives the whole album is a pretty nice flow and make all the songs feel more fleshed-out. This album is as good a modern punk album as it is a grind record.

Now for the bad news, though: It does not appear that there are any songs on here about having diarrhea. Hopefully that just means they will have TWO on their next one.