Track Premiere: Coffin Rot – ‘Necrotized’

After two demo tapes and a split, the undead-but-raging death metal of Oregon brutalphiliacs Coffin Rot has reached maximum putrefaction. Owing to these serial slaughterers’ pension for demonstrating their sadism before a live audience, Coffin Rot shred tight and true. Consequently, their debut full length, titled A Monument to the Dead, rips proper respect to those bands and their monumental albums that influence Coffin Rot.

“When we started putting this album together, our main goal was to find a way to stand out in a flooded scene and we think we are gonna accomplish that with A Monument to the Dead,” writes Coffin Rot vocalist, Hayden Johnson. “The album pays homage to all the greats that came before us by being absolute early 90s death metal worship. Fans of Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Morta Skuld and Suffocation should take note of this release.

“‘Necrotized’ describes the agony and horror of the living decay that occurs when being slowly eaten away by flesh-eating bacteria,” Johnson explains. “This crusher might just be the most gnarly and chaotic song on the record.”

From A Monument to the Dead, this is . . .



Featuring ultra-sick artwork by Skaðvaldur, A Monument to the Dead comes out October 18th from Blood Harvest and Rotted Life.