Album Stream: Bretus ‘Aion Tetra’


“The process of writing for the new album Aion Tetra has developed around the concept of “Cosmic Horror” by Lovecraft, but actually it’s not a real concept,” says Bretus from their home in Calabria, Italy. “There is not a common thread between the songs, we only tried to create the right atmosphere for each track and tried to recover some of the spontaneity and heaviness we showed in our first albums. This is probably the most ‘straight in your face’ record we’ve ever made, and we are very proud of it.”

Now, combining traditional doom metal–think: Candlemass, Isole, and Crypt Sermon–with Lovecraft is not only pairing of perfect aesthetic elements but it’s solely overdue in doom metaldom, for it’s usually not the woebegone crews who relish in and sing songs about ancient horrors from the deep and viscerate textures. Bretus has, indeed, turned the tide on new album, Aion Tetra. That Bretus are four albums in speaks to the quality of Aion Tetra. From the passionate vocals of Zagarus to the move-mountains and misty riffs of Ghenes, Bretus brandish authenticity throughout their new opus.

It is with blue feelings and a disconsolate mind that Decibel presents on this low-spirited Tuesday in late September Bretus’ Aion Tetra.

** Bretus’ new album, Aion Tetra, is out September 27, 2019 on Ordo MCM. Pre-orders are live and ready for bedoomed and bedeviled consumption. Aion Tetra is on CD and LP. Click HERE to visit Ordo MCM’s shop.