Full EP Stream: Nex Carnis – ‘Black Eternity’

Nex Carnis

Iranian death metal devotees Nex Carnis are back to share their first treacherous tunes since 2015’s Obscure Visions of Dark. On that record, three of the album’s six song titles alluded to worlds beneath the Earth’s surface. On their new two-song EP Black Eternityout September 27th from Blood HarvestNex Carnis continue their artistic ascent while venturing deeper into sonic depravity.

Like the EP’s cover, the tracks capture the genre’s grime with an elevated eye for detail. The sharpened riffs of “Last Gleams of a Fallen Conscience” sweep over the listener with the hypnotic effect of a swinging pendulum. They lure the listener into a daze before the song’s ferocious charge at 3:30 slices them in half. In “The Fathomless Caverns of Oblivion,” Nex Carnis play with tempo and dynamic shifts that morph from Incantation’s subterranean death-doom to cosmic blasts. Combined, the two songs composing Black Eternity reveal an ambitious, atmospheric approach to death metal that still reveres the power of the riff.

“Despite being a two track 7” release, Black Eternity was a kinda long-running project, as we took our time to elaborate on the vilest ideas that we had in mind, while being immersed in the depths of our imagination and the very psyche of the music we were composing,” shares Nex Carnis guitarist Incruent. “As the title suggests, we are dealing with the darkest depths of existence and post-mortal decadence; the mysterious universe of humankind. We aimed to create a darker and deeper feeling while keeping the music aggressive and energetic, with a multi-facet riff work akin to the usual Nex Carnis’ style.”

You don’t need forever, take just ten minutes out of your miserable day and stream Black Eternity exclusively below.

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