Track Premiere: Denial Of God – ‘Undead Hunger’

Long-fanged and eternally eldritch, the Danish black horror metal troupe known as Denial Of God have maintained a consistently solid and creative output since 1992. The core of Denial Of God has always been brothers Azter (guitars) and Ustumallagam (vocals), but when drummer Galheim joined in 2005, a solid lineup finally was formed. Moving at their own pace, beyond trends and expectations, Denial Of God released a debut full length and several EPS before 2012, when they revealed to the world their sophomoric triumph, Death and the Beyond. Then one year turned into more, and doubt set in as to whether we would ever hear from the DOG crypt again.  

Earlier this summer, our doubts were scattered to the wind by The Shapeless Mass, a four song EP heralding the return of Denmark’s black horror metal auters. Also featuring a re-recording of one of their earliest songs, a Bathory cover, and an (incredible) Exuma cover, The Shapeless Mass was host to a brand new, epic and darkly entertaining Denial Of God track of the same name. Denial Of God had not spent those silent years idly.

In true Denial Of God form of presaging their full lengths with EPs, “The Shapeless Mass” reappears on the band’s forthcoming full length album, The Hallow Mass. Once again recorded at Berno Studio, The Hallow Mass represents Denial Of God’s third album in their twenty-eight year-long career. And today we’re psyched to bring you this exclusive stream of the second track from The Hallow Mass—a sort of necrophiliac love song.

“‘Undead Hunger’ is a tale of necrophilia and necrophagia but also a tale of loss and love beyond the grave,” writes guitarist Azter. “The music, which we always view and compose as a soundtrack for the images of the lyrics, reflects these images with its cold and sinister verses versus the more melancholic and (nec)romantic chorus and ending. This diversity also [represents] the album The Hallow Mass, from which the song is taken, quite well.”

‘Undead Hunger’


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