Track Premiere: Vesperith- “Fractal Flesh”

There’s a strange duality at work in nature isn’t there? Everything has a seeming order and stability to it, but there’s also an element of unease and chaos lurking beneath the surface. Finland’s Vesperith seeks to channel this duality on the new song “Fractal Flesh,” a song that combines an wide-open atmosphere for the listener to explore, while also seizing on an undeniable power and ferocity.

According to the project’s leader, Sariina Tani, the song is “approaching an electrical storm which reveals itself to be a gateway to another place. It’s about traveling through a portal to another dimension”

The song comes as part of Vesperith’s self-titled album, due out on November 22 via Svart Records. For those of you who like your black metal to take you into the cosmos with bands like Darkspace and Mare Cognitum, buckle up for your next journey with Vesperith.

You can pre-order the album here.