Track Premiere: Oxalate – ‘Unwholesome Revelation’

New York death metal unit Oxalate have been popping up all over extreme metal shows in the New York City region over the last few years, impressively doing it with only one single to their name. As the gap since the release of “Dank Sepulchrum” stretches out to nearly a year, Oxalate are back. “Unwholesome Revelation” is the lead track on the Infatuating Sickness EP, due out on Halloween.

“Unwholesome Revelation” straddles the line between old-school and modern death metal; sharp, biting riffs duel with dive bombs, caveman roars and even a few lines of melody. Infatuating Sickness sounds like it was removed from the tomb of a death metal pharaoh, well constructed and covered in whatever filth accumulates over centuries. Nothing about “Unwholesome Revelation” is clean and that’s why it rules. It’s just some good, dirty, death metal fun.