Track Premiere: Casket Huffer — “Genocide Thralls”

Photo by Dan Tredway

“Loss, nihilism, death, and disgust with occult overtones,” Casket Huffer guitarist/vocalist/bassist Than Wilson tells Decibel of the inspiration behind the Cheyenne, Wyoming trio’s next-level sophomore blackened sludge death doom opus Filth Ouroboros. “There were a lot of tumultuous things that contributed to the lyrics and music on this record.”

That sinister animating spirit can certainly be felt in the vitality and attack of “Genocide Thralls,” which we’re exclusively premiering below. But, much like the rest of the record, the song also displays a scope and scale that did not quite exist on the band’s 2016 debut full-length Gospels of Scum. There isn’t any area in which Casket Huffer hasn’t upped its game — and the results are epic.

“Musically we wanted to push the boundaries of what we did last time,” Wilson confirms. “We wanted a more serious tone. The thrill is gone so to say. With the first album it was more a collection of songs and influences versus conscious efforts to make it more of a cohesive effort.”

If you’ve got a strong stomach, check out the NSFW video for the track here. Filth Ouroboros drops November 15 courtesy Hibernation Release Records. Preorder here.