Full EP Stream: Drugs of Faith – ‘Decay’

Live at Atlas Brew Works, by Will Cook

Despite being fronted and founded by Richard “The Grindfather” Johnson (Enemy Soil, Agoraphobic Nosebleed), VA trio Drugs of Faith are not, in fact, a grindcore band. I know. Even for someone who’s been a fan for the better part of a decade, it’s been a bitter pill to swallow. Really, it’s the churning riffs, not the snare that propels DOF, so just think of them as the world’s blast-friendliest noise rock band. That said, the band’s new EP, Decay, which you can stream directly below, is pretty fucking grindy! As for the lyrics, we’ll let the Grindfather himself fill you in.

“Lyrically, Decay is similar to some other DOF records, as it touches on political and social topics. Two of the song lyrics were ones I originally submitted for Agoraphobic Nosebleed, but they weren’t a hit with the band, so I kept them. It worked out cool, though, because they do read like something I’d write for Drugs of Faith (or, strangely, even Enemy Soil).”

To order the Decay EP, go here now.