Full Album Stream: Crypt Sermon – ‘The Ruins of Fading Light’

Dedicated Decibel subscribers have likely already read our lead review of Crypt Sermon‘s The Ruins of Fading Light in Decibel‘s October issue. Chances are, you’re pretty stoked to hear the doom dealers’ sophomore album, which was awarded a 9 out of 10, and drops this Friday via Dark Descent. Well, guess what? Even if you’re just a cheap-ass who only reads the site and doesn’t subscribe, we still have you covered with this exclusive full LP stream of The Ruins of Fading Light below! But first vocalist Brooks Wilson sheds a little, um, light on this four-years-in-the-making metallic juggernaut.

The Ruins of Fading Light marks not only our second full-length album, but our growth as a band,” Wilson tells Decibel. “The album itself was truly a labour of love. The four years between albums saw us mired in life events both happy and tragic. My family at home grew by two, but my family in the band faced personnel changes. The albums lyrics reflect a more personal approach to the themes that we had established as our aesthetic. The music, too, is more considered, more emotional, and varied. We weren’t satisfied with some of our earlier material, as we were focused on live events. We wrote and discarded nearly an albums worth of music. Through this all, we decided it was best to gather our thoughts and focus on a cohesive album that reflected our values individually and as a band. Still, despite this growth, The Ruins of Fading Light resonates with the same message as before, ‘We’re doomed.'”

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