Full EP Stream: Mutilatred – “Ingested Filth”

I’m not an expert in Ohioan brutality, but Ingested Filth, the new EP from Toledo-based beasts Mulilatred, might be the most brutal thing to come out of Toledo, Ohio. Clocking in at a cool six tracks, Ingested Filth skips all the frills and sticks to what Mutilatred do best: brutish, grooving death metal.

Not a single song on Ingested Filth cracks the three-minute mark, which works to the EP’s benefit. With no room for filler, the energetic blasts and grooves are always front and center on tracks like “Snap Your Own Neck” and the Cannibal Corpse-esque “Scooping Out the Brains.”

Though still a young band, having released their first material in 2014, Mutilatred demonstrate on Ingested Filth that they are one of the best bands in modern brutal death metal. Hear it for yourself, score a copy through Redefining Darkness and catch Mutilatred on tour now.