Track Premiere: Slutvomit – ‘Scythe of Mass Damnation’

Six years after their debut album escaped from Hell, the bestial and thrashing Seattle quartet Slutvomit return with a highly explosive sophomore album dubbed Copulation of Cloven Hooves. Like chaos itself whipped into begrudged obedience by four masters darkly powerful and sadistic, Copulation of Cloven Hooves plays out as a forty-five display of true power and outright insanity. A display put on by some of the most adept musicians in the PNW black death underground—counting three members of Hexenslaught among their four. While most records this intense don’t dare run this long, Slutvomit’s sophomore effort burns down forty-fives minutes with almost-non-stop soloing and always the perfect mosh outbreak.

The track that Slutvomit have chose nto premiere today is a perfect taste of what’s coming. Bear in mind, “Scythe of Mass Damnation” is the third track, and up to this point on the record, they’ve all out raged hellishly, unrelentlessly, and exclusively. 

“Scythe of Mass Damnation”


Copulation of Cloven Hooves comes out October 4th on CD and 12” vinyl from Invictus Productions.