Lyric Video Premiere: WRVTH- “Furrows of a Dying Tree”

When “the moon is the only light” and “the wind is the only voice,” San Jose’s Wrvth will be lurking in the shadows, watching. Today, the band unleashes a new album on the world via Unique Leader Records, called No Rising Sun. And today, Decibel presents the lyric video for the foreboding and atmospheric track, “Furrows of a Dying Tree.” According to the band:

“Furrows of a Dying Tree,’ being the final song on the album, ends on a very ambiguous note. The imagery depicts a haunting. Whether that be a literal representation or even a ghost of a thought, the idea is that it still exists and will always exist.”

Indeed, the direction of the new album is a markedly more ambiguous one, stylistically speaking, than their past work. Previously, the band’s approach was much closer to the technical-death metal/deathcore blend that was in vogue from around 2008-2012 (the “Sumerian sound,” you might say). Now, however, the drums sound much more organic (thank god), and the music more strongly resembles that of Converge and Tragedy mixed with different shades of black and doom metal, along with hints of post-hardcore and post-rock.

You could call it an update, an improvement, an experiment. Whatever it is, it’s cool, so check it out: