Full Album Stream: Leather Lung — “Lonesome, On’ry and Evil”

If you like your top shelf sludge metal infused with a bit of swing, groove, and melody, Leather Lung is here to make not only your day, but probably the rest of your otherwise miserable goddamn year: Lonesome, On’ry and Evil is kind of like running Melvins-esque heft and the more eclectic Acid Bath moments through the Clutch machine. Solid rock n’ roll delightfully perverted by fuzz and nasty, heavy riffs, in other words.

And — lucky you — we’ve got an exclusive stream of the Boston quartet’s entire record below two days ahead of its official release courtesy Magnetic Eye Records on Friday. (Preorder here.)

Lonesome, On’ry and Evil is the blood, sweat and desperation of four friends who love heavy music and heavy drinking,” vocalist Mike Vickers tells Decibel. “Our approach to song writing has always been about catharsis. Whether its debt, divorce or drug abuse, these songs serve us relief and we hope it does the same for the listener.

“A lot of inspiration on this album was drawn from a love for early outlaw country anthems. Relatable storytelling, memorable choruses and groovin’ riffs was the recipe for those legendary songs. We tried to adapt a similar approach to our own songwriting.

“In a weird twist of fate, we were fortune enough to land a recording session at the infamous God City, in Salem, Mass. The timeline was tight and the pressure of being in the same studio High on Fire just recorded Electric Messiah could be felt. Thankfully our sound engineer and good friend Chris Johnson (Deafheaven/Doomriders/Summoner) kept us focused and did an amazing job of capturing it all.”