My Awesome Day Job: Thomas Winkler of Gloryhammer

Photo by Robert Zembrzycki

As the night reigns, Angus McFife, Crown Prince of Dundee, is wielding a Laser Powered Goblin Smasher for the world’s only inter-dimensional space metal band Gloryhammer. During daytime however, Angus McFife’s alter ego, Thomas Winkler, takes the lead.

Since April 1, 2013just a few days after the first Gloryhammer album was released—he has been the owner of a law and notary office in Thun, a small city near the Swiss Alps. At first glance, the activities in a metal band and as a notary have nothing in common—and even seem worlds apart. But you only have to look out of Winkler’s office window to spot a proud medieval castle and are instantly reminded that the man in a suit also is the ruler of the mighty City of Dundee and heir to the Kingdom of Fife.

There are more similarities than just the workplace setting, though. Writing lyrics for Gloryhammer requires a creative routine comparable to preparing a contract for a heritage. To being prepared for a month-long tour with shows around the globe requires the same discipline as running a business that involves delicate financial transactions. So even if the subjects are totally different, the qualifications to fulfill the tasks—or quests, if you will—remain the same.

While on tour, the law office in Thun is run by Winkler’s colleague and employees. At least once a day the Prince of the Land of Fife has a teleconference with his people at the office to be informed of the latest developments, give instructions or to answer questions. Questions may be about legal consequences of tax optimizations, details on the division of an estate, how to transform a sole trader into a corporation or how the buying price of a property purchase should be amortized.

Photo by Robert Zembrzycki.

Here lies another similarity to the live shows with Gloryhammer: The whole endeavor stands and falls with the staff. It must be chosen wisely—a virtue that distinguishes a good prince from his evil enemies. And that’s why Angus McFife will continue to raise his Heavy Metal Darklord Crusher—for the Glory of Dundee and Thun!

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