The New Nocturnus AD Video is Everything You Want It To Be

When Nocturnus AD dropped their Paradox debut LP earlier this year, Decibel hailed it as the true follow up to Nocturnus’s 1990 sci-fi death metal classic The Key. Obviously, the music was paramount in that observation, but the keen visual aesthetic was just as large as a, um, key. The Dan Seagrave-styled cover art of Timbul Cahyono definitely tugged the nostalgia strings, capturing the classic vibe of The Key, but that was just the beginning as the band has now unveiled a video for “Apotheosis.” And it features everything a Nocturnus nerd could hope for, including but not limited to:

  • Mike Browning headset mic
  • Full animation of the cyborg from the The Key and Paradox album covers
  • Keyboardist limited to thrashing where he’s at

Ok, there’s other rad stuff, but they could have stopped there and it would have still totally ruled. Anyway, check it out below!