China’s Zuriaake Is Ready to Conjure Their “Evil Spirit”

Effective metal, at its very base essence, should be terrifying or unsettling in some way. It should evoke images in your mind left untouched by other forms of art, and inspire feelings left ignored by the gentler styles of music. It’s this ability to haunt and stir our spirits that makes for the most memorable listening experience.

Today’s haunting comes courtesy of China’s 厉鬼, Romanized as Zuriaake. The band formed in 1998 and has since released two full-length albums, slowly building their following in the international black metal underground. As evidenced by “Evil Spirit,” streaming below, the band takes all the right pieces from the second-wave sound and adds their own flourishes of creepy voiceovers, guitar solos and excellent drum sections. The soul of the old classics flows through them, but doesn’t hinder their ability to fashion a unique sound and identity. It has a classic sound, but doesn’t sound self-consciously retro. It innovates, without trying to be all spastic and “random, lol.” It’s atmospheric, but not “atmospheric”…if that makes sense.

You should just check out the track below to see what I mean. Zuriaake’s new EP, Resentment In The Ancient Courtyard, comes out on August 15. Also be sure to check out Bloodfire’s other projects, including the excellent and epic Yn Gizarm.