Track Premiere: Sammath – ‘Bitter fighting amongst the dead’

Last week marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of Sammath’s formation. The Dutch deathbringers have been on a steady killing spree since their debut album, Strijd, came out in ‘99. Combining only the fiercest elements of black, death, and war metal, Sammath’s brand of extreme metal borders on grindcore, but, ultimately, defies any attempt at classification. Suffice to say, Sammath are singular and relentless shredders, and have always been singular and relentless shredders. 

So when J. Kruitwagen, guitarist, vocalist and founding member of Sammath, reached out himself with a peek at what he called Sammath’s “fastest and most savage album,” he had our full attention. Said peek contained the following track. This song comes from Sammath’s forthcoming sixth album, Across the Rhine is only death, a concept album, according to the band, “focusing on the final months of World War II.” 


“Bitter fighting amongst the dead”


Across the Rhine is only death comes out in October on Hammerheart Records.

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