Full Album Stream: Pig’s Blood – “A Flock Slaughtered”

The Milwaukee-based black death terror unit known as Pig’s Blood released their devastating sophomore album earlier this year. Called A Flock Slaughtered, Pig’s Blood’s latest album is ten tracks of bellicose riffs, earsplitting ballistics, and an overabundance of bestial violence. 

A Flock Slaughtered

“Sonically speaking,” says Pig’s Blood vocalist Chris Ellis, “The first [Pig’s Blood album] was largely written as a 3 piece. The songs were a bit more direct/numskulled. The addition of Hideous Destruktor/Goat Tyrant on lead really advanced things.”

He continues, pointing out how this time around the “lyrics are far more satanic and drug-fueled. Overall I think it’s the same drunken blend of Violent Black Death, just with more nods to the Heavy Metal/Punk/Oi/Doom we all love.”

A Flock Slaughtered was recorded at Earhammer Studios with Greg Wilkinson, which accounts for why it sounds like unleashed hell. “We had a blast,” Ellis says, reflecting on recording the album at Earhammer. “[We have] lots of true allies in the Bay Area. Greg is a maniac wizard and a blast to work with/be around. I think our ‘fast drugs vibe’ freaked some people out but it didn’t stop us. (Nothing will.) We literally drank/laughed/raged all night most nights. The actual recording was very organized and ran smooth as fuck. We love our music so while in the studio we treated it with a militant respect. I think you can hear that in the recording.”

Looking ahead, Pig’s Blood plan to tour this fall in support of A Flock Slaughtered. “We are doing some dates in October,” says Ellis. “Trying to hit places we never made it to. South/East mostly. We intend to do a longer tour spring of 2020. Keep an eye on our Facebook [and] Stygian Black Hand’s social media for updates.”


Get A Flock Slaughtered on vinyl from Stygian Black Hand and on CD from Godz Ov War Productions.