The Decibel Meter: Frostdemonwinterstorms …. in July?

Many (possibly unseasonable) frostbitten wintermoons ago, we announced our collaboration with f.y.e. for the Decibel Meter, a monthly collection of titles to help keep CD/vinyl shelves up to date with the hottest (or most frigid, depending on preference) new titles. This month’s collection coincides with the August 2019 issue, featuring Abbath on the cover, making for a blast of blizzard beasts during the time of true winter’s bane. 

If that whole winter-in-the-middle-of-summer theme wasn’t obvious enough, a key point in this month’s list is of course the latest release from Mr. Doom Occulta, Outstrider, available in CD, vinyl, and cassette. For anyone who lost count, this marks his second release since leaving Immortal, and continues with a sound that utilizes the icewinds of his past releases as well as a less kvlt (and yet very summer appropriate fun) dose of, well, rock-and-roll fun.

Continuing more in the warm weather direction of the winter/summer battle here, the sludge pop of Torche on new album Admission seems perfectly fitting for the backyard barbecue season. Other fair-weather-suitable titles include collector’s box editions of No Prayer for the Living/Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden, and The Unreal Never Lived Live at Roadburn 2012 by Yob.

Or for those looking to escape the heat with their record players, f.y.e.’s vinyl exclusives during this frigid summer season include Megadeth’s Death by Design in translucent, Sabaton’s The Great War in orange with brown swirl, and Thy Art Is Murder’s Human Target in red with black splatter.

Check out the full simultaneously frostbitten and sunburned list here, or to get these releases and others from winters of ages into your summer listening rotation immediately, head straight to the nearest f.y.e location.