For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Destruction and Lord Gore

What’s up, foos? Your ol’ boy Waldo here. You ready to peep two new and upcoming jamz? Well, look no further…

So, being an old-school band is cool again? I TRY to get into some of these releases, but it BUMS me the peck out when people are like “I ALWAYS like (insert old thrash band here)”. No, you didn’t, if you DID, they’d have sold some records. ANYWHO, thrash metal progenitors Destruction are back at it again with Born to Perish. So, this is thrash (DUH!) but how does it stack up with their other classic releases? This is a solid metal record, and a SOLID thrash record. First thing of note: it still sounds like they have some life left in them, but the drum sound… not so hot. At the end of the day, this can come across as a little same-y, but a solid record from a thrash classic. 7 Fucking Pecks.


So, anyone that knows me knows I LOVE LORD GORE. It’s just like… I dunno… Messed up. Scalpels for Blind Surgeons is being released on Everlasting Spew. What’s there to say about this? This is gore-soaked death metal. Not always just blasts, but utterly disgusting mid-paced riffs makes this feel like you need a scalding hot shower. This is their third full-length and quite a return it is. Riff after filthy riff with gurgle-vocals. The production here is MUCH better than their previous two releases (which, to be fair, was a long time ago). I dunno, if you don’t know, check it out! 7 Fucking Pecks.

One… Waldo.