Full Album Stream: Vomit Angel – “Imprint of Extinction”

After a gutrenching demo tape, Vomit Angel return with their 19 track debut full length, Imprint of Extinction. As if having slipped in their own puke, the Danish grinders pick up right where they left off with their demo. They may have retrogressed a little even. But all of the foul, mind-rotting ear abuse you loved about their demo is here, except at a longer playing time, and there’s a dog barking. Whether it’s the smooth almost-stoner groove coupled with the pitch-shifted clogged toilet gurgles of “U.S.G.” or the masterpiece in shitfun, “Defecation,” Imprint of Extinction is truly a record for the ages. 

“This band/album is the most brutal and explosive music I have been involved in so far,” says guitarist/vocalist Necrodevil. “Representing the things I like best in metal. Short and to the point songs with great riffs. It is a sick pleasure to abuse music equipment with Lord Titan again, the most important drummer in the world.”


“This is a crude and raw album,” says drummer/vocalist Lord Titan. “Both in songwriting and playing. We’ve made it expressive, while keeping it as simple as possible.”

While session bassist Peter Hugorm says it was “A true fucking honor to have participated in this delightful chaos. Only for the true hobo maniacs! This shit is almost too heavy for myself!”

Imprint of Extinction


Get Imprint of Extinction this Friday from Iron Bonehead Productions on CD and vinyl. 

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