Redbait Go for the Throat with New EP “Cages”

Few bands are more exciting in crust and hardcore than Redbait; though the St. Louis band released their first EP, Red Tape, in 2018, they’ve rapidly gained a following due to their chaotic songs, furious double vocals, metallic fight riffs and vitriolic lyrics.

The sextet confirmed that their first EP wasn’t a fluke when they released Cages last month. Clocking in at five songs and less than fifteen minutes, Cages takes the band’s anger at the state of the world and channels it into their lyrics; songs on the EP cover class warfare, racism, immigration and drug addiction, among other topics.

By the time EP closer “Forever Ends Now” begins with its clean, melodic introduction, the break in intensity is welcome. Throughout the EP, Redbait pull from influences across the extreme-music spectrum, guaranteeing that each song has a unique identity. Hear it for yourself at Bandcamp or score a copy through New Age Records.