Track Premiere: Pinto Graham – “Old Man of the Mountain”

Maybe Connecticut isn’t the first state that leaps to mind when you’re salivating for deep-fried southern rock. But New Haven haze-dealers Pinto Graham pile into a tie-dyed and clam-baked rocket and launch from CT to galaxies beyond on their new record, DOS. There’s the crunch of early street doom. The blissed-out melodies of stoner outfit Greenleaf. Don’t forget Skynyrd-marinated riffs that leave grease glistening on the guitar strings.

Pinto Graham’s new exclusive single “Old Man of the Mountain” is one of the tastiest bites from DOS right from its initial whimsical, summery bounce. After the song’s gritty shift into sneering electric boogie ‘n’ blues, dark harmonies bleed into the song’s hottest guitar solo.

“Old Man of the Mountain is a fictional tale of a seeker of life and love addressing the natural formation found in New Hampshire (of the same name as the song) as an oracle,” Pinto Graham vocalist/bassist Ant Reckart shares about the song. “The verses are the pleading questions of the seeker and the chorus is the answers he seeks. Unfortunately, the natural formation was lost some years back. But, the area still has mystery about it. It was there that Barney and Betty Hill experienced the first ever recorded account of alien abduction back in 1961. Most of my lyrics have a blend of location aesthetics and mystery about them. A similar approach is used on “Sleeping Giant,” the second song on Dos, wherein the location is a natural hill formation here in Connecticut; just North of New Haven, where we live.”

Check out an exclusive stream of “Old Man of the Mountain” below before Pinto Graham releases DOS from Bohobilly Records on July 12th.

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