Album Premiere: Scythe Lore “Through the Mausoleums of Man”

Scythe Lore

Germany-based trio Scythe Lore bubbled up from the heaving mass of the Seventh Circle of Hell. Nobody — except for the keen ears at Iron Bonehead Productions — saw them coming, a brutal if melancholic form of death metal that owes as much to dread, darkness, and doom as it does (possible) musical influences Death (early), Paradise Lost (early), Carnage, and Nihilist. In fact, not much is know about Scythe Lore. They’ve chosen the path of mystery, not revealing who they are, where they’re from, only what they purvey. The group’s debut EP, Through the Mausoleums of Man, is a 6-song, 20-minute crumble of humanity, a descent into the deepest, darkest holes from time immemorial. Down there, Scythe Lore whip, slash, burn, and stab at the very notion of decency. They reap what you sow.

Says Scythe Lore in a unified murmur: “Our name was chosen to encapsulate what we are about: death metal. We deal with all aspects of the only constant in the history of mankind and portray it in morbid music. We are very content with how our first release turned out. The unity of filthy and dark death metal in combination with the stunning artwork by Lisa Vinsterwân Schubert is the proper format for our first strike. As the name suggests, Through the Mausoleums of Man is a journey which details man’s interactions with death and its implications in all corners of this realm. We produced this EP ourselves and plan to continue doing so. It took us some time to finish our first release. As shown in the artwork, we have ripped open a world in which we will dive deeper and continue spewing forth tales of the scythe. But now we have the perfect label. Together with Iron Bonehead we are ready for the world to experience our work.”

Indeed, fans of old-school yet contemporary death metal rejoice. Scythe Lore are here to sate your hunger for new blood, fire, and death!

** Scythe Lore’s debut EP, Through the Mausoleums of Man, is out June 21st on Germany-based indie Iron Bonehead Productions. Click HERE to order from Iron Bonehead direct.