Listen to Fuming Mouth’s New Album, “The Grand Descent”

Fuming Mouth, a death metal trio hailing from Boston, have been a band to watch since they released their first demo in 2013 and again when they released EP Lotus in 2016 and again when they released single “Sword and Scale” last year, so it’s definitely time to take notice of their debut full-length, The Grand Descent.

Recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou, Fuming Mouth deliver 10 slabs of hardcore-tinged death metal that wouldn’t be out of place at Sound and Fury or This is Hardcore—Fuming Mouth have toured with Vein and are currently on the road with Creeping Death—nor would it be out of place with their modern contemporaries like Necrot, Mourned and Outer Heaven.

Highlights on The Grand Descent include “Visions of Purgatory,” which blends a creepy atmosphere with the aggressive death metal, and “Burning Hand,” which delivers the hardest beating on the album. The Grand Descent is out now via Triple B and Fuming Mouth are on tour with Creeping Death.