Full Demo Stream: Paths of the Eternal – ‘Paths of the Eternal’

Paths is an apt name for a project that spans genres in a sonic roadmap across sonic spectrums, with rarely much intersection between recordings. Two years after his well-received split with Mythril Spectre, Paths multi-instrumentalist Drew Spenny decided to dedicate a project fully to his love of dungeon synth, thus creating Paths of the Eternal.

This self-titled recording is the first manifestation of his desire to further explore dungeon synth as a creative outlet. Over the course of six songs Paths of the Eternal is more of a journey than a collection of songs that fit together aesthetically. Much like his previous split with Mythril Spectre, you feel more like you’re exploring some dark caverns by torchlight rather than some of the more self-indulgent recordings in the genre. Parts of it bring to mind some of the work done by artists on Cold Meat Industry in the mid 1990s, a heavy dose of ambience and atmosphere that really bring these (all too brief) 25 minutes alive.

Paths of the Eternal will be released on very limited cassette via Black House Industries (operated by Krieg frontman and longtime Decibel columnist Neill Jameson) in July and now available on the artist’s bandcamp, which you can also stream directly below.

Pre-order the limited edition Paths of the Eternal self-titled demo here