Video Premiere: Panzerfaust – ‘The Men of No Man’s Land’

Canadian black metal offensive Panzerfaust aren’t interested in glamorizing the horrors of war. In fact, the band’s four-part tetralogy, The Suns of Perdition, goes fucking deep into the often overlooked bloody history of their home country in the hopes that we actually learn something from it. The inaugural installment, The Suns of Perdition – Chapter I: War, Horrid War, is unleashed via Eisenwald on June 14, but we have first look with the video from the epic 12-minute soul-crusher “The Men of No Man’s Land.” 

Says guitarist/vocalist Brock ‘Kaizer‘ Van Dijk: “100 years since the guns fell silent across the western front, ‘The Men of No Man’s Land’ revisits the horrors of trench warfare, whereby war would be changed forever.”

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