Track Premiere: Cold Curse – ‘Burning’

Pic: Gabe Bercerra

Set your Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal pedals to 11, and tune into Creator-Destructor Records’ latest singing Cold Curse. The Los Angeles band’s Violent Measure debut 7-inch EP will drop on the California-based album on July 12, but Decibel has another taste of the EP in the form of “Burning” below. If you dig on early ’90s-styled Swedeath run through a Trap Them filter, you’d need to jam this. But you should read the band’s take on the track first.

“It’s about tyranny, power, and the results of bad choices and actions that can’t be undone,” says guitarist/vocalist Cole Berber. “Damage so cruel that its legacy is permanent and always in the back of the mind of the future.”


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