Sxuperion: Giving Voice to the Brutality of the Cosmos

With some bands, you kind of know what you’re getting into before you press “play.” In the case of California’s Sxuperion, the title of the project’s latest album says it all. Endless Spiritual Embodiment is clearly a callback to Incantation’s classic “Rotting Spiritual Embodiment,” and the album’s sound is certainly emblematic of that origin point: deep, growling vocals; mammoth riffs; and a dynamic approach to tempo that allows the music to express the right emotions at the right time.

But the band doesn’t simply ape the dark and doomy sounds of old. Rather, the mastermind behind the project, Lord Sxuperion, injects soundbites and experimental sounds to evoke the themes of deep space, spirituality and transcendence. As you can tell from the song, “Sacred Chamber of Enlightenment,” streaming below, the man certainly takes his craft seriously. The music breaks into your mind right away, channeling a spirit that terrifies and crushes, but still embodies a sense of exploration.

If you’re into bands like Dead Congregation and Drawn and Quartered, but wished they’d look to the mysterious hell above us as well as the fiery one below, Sxuperion might be your new jam.

Oh. Also. I’m also happy to report that the Lord still has a sense of humor as well. When you go to the band’s homepage and click on the “About” section, it just takes you to a video of the lightbike scene from Tron (yes, the original one). Nice.