Full Demo Stream: Inferno Requiem – “Wolf from Onon Realm”

The Taiwanese/Japan-based black metal band Inferno Requiem released their debut twenty years ago. Since then the band—whose main and only consistent member is one man known as Fog—have steadily carved out their own unique style from the fundamentals of the underground black metal sound. Over the past twenty years, Inferno Requiem’s output has been far more meaningful than prolific. Rather than putting out demo after split after full length after rehearsal recording, Inferno Requiem have released only two full lengths and a few EPs, and so their discography, as a result, is flawless and incisive.

Today, in cooperation with Death Kvlt Productions, Inferno Requiem announces Wolf from Onon Realm, the first of several EPs “in a consecutive series” concerned with, according to Fog himself, “the legendary Mongolian Golden Horde of the 13th century.”

Wolf from Onon Realm


Wolf from Onon Realm comes out July 10th on cassette via Death Kvlt Productions.

Preorder it (and get that killer long sleeve, too) now.